Sunday, February 5, 2012


Separation & Divorce are nasty words. Ones that roll off the tongues of society way to easily. An option far too easily. From celebs in the news, family & friends, and recently, people I look up to for Christian marriage encouragement.

Prayer is all I can offer. My marriage has been through distinct highs and lows. We have pulled through, rode the roller coaster, circled around got back in line, and have enjoyed the ups and down many times over in our almost 12 married years.

As I get back in the blogging mode, I write this for my own children. I write to encourage them in their future marriages that they would recognize that real life, real marriages aren't perfect fairy tales. With God's divine mercy and grace, their daddy and I love each other, make each other laugh and have a genuine commitment to this family-even through, no wait, especially through our failures and imperfections.

What I realize: No marriage is "safe". Please keep your spouse in your daily prayers, be their best friend, the one who romances them, their #1 cheerleader in life. Wake up each morning with a renewed devotion to keeping your marriage a priority.


Anna said...

this is a good blog post Sarah, thanks for sharing your words, they are so true, there are so many roller coasters in life

Andy Querouz said...

Hello Sarah

I just read your post bcuz I'm new in the blogging world. There's so much to read, so much to know. I'm way far behind.

But like you I'm a keeper. I hope and pray your marriage will last forever.