Monday, January 23, 2012

We Have a Winner For Dinner

Dinnertime around here can really be emotional. Sounds strange? With my family of 5, it's close to impossible to keep everyone happy at meal time. I'm not so picky...the others....well they are! There can be some frowns, pouting, cheers and even tears.

Tonight though was a big night. I thought for sure it would be a 3star night...get it, only 3 of 5 of us would like it...but not the case at all. I'm thrilled to say that everyone enjoyed dinner tonight. It was our first venison steaks of the year. And it rocked!

I will do this from now on. McCormick makes this Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade. Use it. Love it. Marinaded the steaks for a couple hours, then, oh then, I wrapped the steak medallions in bacon. The grill was hot and ready for the marinaded, bacon wrapped, skewered pieces of venison.

Tim, Cayley, & Travis were all digging in before I could even sit down. I was so happy! Adam, well is the pickiest of them all and after some coaxing, he actually tried some. He said he really liked it!!! My heart overflowed.

Tonight was a winner and a complete success. Feeling pretty great tonight.

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