Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Are You Watching?

Here's a post about tv. Yes, I need some tv time to unwind and just escape the duties of being a wife and mother. So here's truthfully what I'm watching. My mommy only tv time ;)

Some are so thought provoking that tackle some really tough issues:

What a completely relatable show!

Grey's takes on alzheimer's, post tramatic stress, and way more!

Ok, what hasn't gone on with PP?! It's been a tough season to watch, lots of me crying in each episode lately.

Now what I watch for a good laugh:

I just really discovered Modern Family. If you don't watch it, don't be left behind like I felt ;)

Yes, I am a new Gleek! I have said it before- I wish (if I could sing) that my life could be a musical. These kids are living my dream, lol! This is one that deals with loads of social issues as well- ones I'm not ready to discuss with my almost 10 year old, so it's just for me.

And to name my biggest (not so secret) indulgence:
Anything on Bravo pretty much!

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