Monday, May 24, 2010

The Story of Macy...

So, my friend Anna is writing this story. She recently started blogging about the characters and stories she's building . It's filled with emotion and depth. Take a minute and read what she's posted so far.

I find it very interesting to be able to see something like this in progress, to begin to understand what makes an author. Anna is a woman of faith and I look forward to reading how all different aspects of Macy's life intertwine.

Here's a snap shot:

I still have your yellow Hurley cap

It is easy to fall in love. No? You think it is hard? You're dead wrong. It is easy to fall in love. It is hard to get someone to reciprocate. Any little thing can make you fall in love with someone else. It sneaks up on you when you're not looking, Macy Schaefer. A look. A kind gesture. A night of conversation. Big things can make you fall in love with someone. A rescue from a bad situation. A night of drinking ending with holding that person over the toilet. A time when that person just takes your word for it. An all-encompassing hold of love and understanding when all you can do is cry. A place when that person has your back without question.

The Story of Macy, for more & to follow along.

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