Monday, April 19, 2010

Marriage Mondays- I Say "Yes"

I'm posting this each Monday. I feel it's a great way to reflect on the the joys, troubles, funny, very relatable things that make our marriage uniquely ours. Love for you to join in and stop by to Come Have a Peace for more encouragement!

Yay! Our 10 year anniversary has been celebrated! Thank you God for the blessing of our marriage. Tim scheduled the day off from work just to spend the day with me. Still working on Dave Ramsey's 2nd baby step, so no huge plans, but just spending the time together was priceless. After our last child left for school, we headed out to run some errands and have lunch. While driving, Tim pulls out a card for me. It was a cute, funny one. I smiled. Then I turned it over and he had written a marriage proposal to me! I was taken back by his sweetness. My eyes began to tear up. Before I could say much, he pulls out a little box. A ring! A beautiful sparkly ring that made me cry. I'm kinda sappy!

We got the ring out of the box, slipped it on my finger, then he asked me something strange. He asked if I has ever seen this ring before. Something told me I had, but I couldn't place it. He flipped the box over and it said "Bella's engagement ring". GASP! He worked with a mutual friend of ours and got it ordered without me having any idea!

I have never even spoke of this ring to him. The fact that he pays attention to the silly things I can go on about with Twilight related things is pretty special. The time, effort, & trouble is amazing to me. He pays attention! He is committed to me and our marriage through thick & thin and I say "Yes" to US each day as well. I didn't need a card or present to tell me all this...

Here it is! *sigh* Tim had his perfect "Edward" moment. I, on the other hand, had a perfectly awkward, stunned, speechless "Bella" moment.


LuvtheWord said...

It means so much to us when we know that our husbands take time to know us and to speak "love" in our language. I know that they feel the same way in return when we take time to know them and express love in their language. Your hubby has been listening and watching ... :)

Thanks for linking up to Marriage Mondays ~

Theresa said...

Awh, that is so sweet! Happy belated anniversary to you both.