Monday, March 22, 2010

Marriage Mondays- Team Work

I'm posting this each Monday. I feel it's a great way to reflect on the the joys, troubles, funny, very relatable things that make our marriage uniquely ours. Love for you to join in and stop by to Come Have a Peace for more encouragement!

Sacrifice...a word lots of stay at home moms can identify with. As a family, I know we had to shift life styles almost 6 years ago when I became a full time sahm. I'm kinda use to the fact that I won't be driving a new car, or have the trendiest clothes for a long while. The privilage of being home for my babies when they get home from school is amazing. We will survive this season of our lives...older car and all :)

Now that said, we all need an outlet...a hobby...something! My husband is an avid hunter. He has been for years. It's something I know he loves doing and it's a huge stress reliver since he's up at 4:00am and works till sometimes 6pm every week. Well, he's giving it up. I was taken completely by surprise when he told me. It's the time of year again to renew his membership with the deer lease he's on and instead of doing that, he's putting it into our savings to snowball (Dave into our bills. We don't have a large number of bills, but school loans are crazy! We figured if we live tightly for 2.5 years, we can be completely debt free and have cash saved in the bank. Woo hoo! We are excited! I'm so proud of Tim and the husband/father he is for us.

Now for my contribution to our family cause. You all know my hobby...all things Twilight. Tim has been planning on giving me a day pass and ticket to a big event on the Saturday that Twi Tour is in Houston. Well, by the time we factor in all that goes along with it...I will have spent over $200 for a day of fun. Something that I'd love to do, but I have this great feeling knowing that that money will be put towards OUR goals.

So, Twi friends...I will miss you & can't wait to hear all about it!
No sacrifice...No victory. (ok, what movie is that from?)


Asha K. said...

You go girl!!! We started Dave Ramsey back in the fall of last year (through a class at church), and yes it is a sacrifice, but GOD is good. Through some seemingly bad events, God turned it into good, and now my husband has been able to spend more time with us. One of my BIG sacrifices was the cleaning lady!! I work outside the home, and I MISS her!! But God has used this whole thing to bring us closer. You can stop over and read about us over at
Way to go!! Keep it up!

LuvtheWord said...

This is a great example of two yielding for the goals that they share as "one," and I know you'll both be blessed as you sacrifice together. Thanks for linking up to Marriage Mondays ~

Sarah B. SMITH said...

and now you both get to have fun.. staying faithful to your commitments.. sometimes brings unexpected surprises..