Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spotlight Wednesdays

today is all about cayley! i'm telling you-she's growing up too fast, even with her parents keeping a very watchful eye on her every move. yesterday was another lost tooth day and another late night tooth fairy visit ;) just wondering if she'll stop being my baby before she runs out of baby teeth. yesterday, she just began sweeping the kitchen for me! just up and did it without me asking-what a sweetheart. just now, she came in saying that she made her own chocolate milk- yes, i hover.

this weekend she is leaving for her vacation in SA & LV. 3 weeks is an awfully long time in the life of a mom missing her child...but i know it will go by so quickly for her- filled with doing her favorite things.

she's going into 3rd grade this august. it's so odd, because i remember 3rd grade so well. so, here's me- bracing for change and enjoying the snuggle time.

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