Saturday, July 11, 2009

A July Weekend

so, my sister and her sweet baby girl came up to visit this weekend and i had to take advantage of this gorgeous (but warm) weather. look a ther eyes and how the colors of her dress just bring them out even more! what a sweetie- and so good to smile for her auntie.

does it get any sweeter than a new mommy and her baby girl???

here's my trav! all smiles as he indulges me for a minute :)

then off to feed (chase) the ducks- cayley was so good to remember the bread- as i forgot!

my sweet baby faced adam- well, he wouldn't be still, lol, but if he did- it wouldn't be adam.

and last night was cayley's last night of golf and we all went to see her last class.
here's my sweet hubby- i'm so proud of him! he's lost 3 pant sizes in 1 month and is so working on getting healthy :)

this is the definition of focus.
she does get it from her daddy!

i had to set the timer and try and get one shot with everyone :)


Sarah B. SMITH said...

yah for sweet pics of stella and amanda.. love the ones of the kids too.. adam looks like he is in deep thinking in the one of him.. umm.. so sad sitting her in katy and you are only 1 hr away instead of 7 and a half from snyder.. missing you my sweet sista!

Sarah said...

thanks :)
miss you too!!! lol- adam is always planning his next move! i really loved how the colors came out in the pics :)

B.jane said...

Such cute pictures! Oh..and I like the new look!!!