Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Sarah Smith says: Post the sixth picture from the sixth file in your photos.

that's cayley the night before Ike hit wiggling out another tooth! she's so brave :)

2. Sarah Smith says: basically you are now supposed to share 7 pieces of random information about yourself on your blog. It's kind of fun!

1.well, right now i am struggling to find the balance between who i am and who i am needed to be. all ok though- just going through one of those mom phases and remembering that's not the only role that defines me.

2. i am way too much of a tv junkie.

3. there's always something good to watch on food network. i love to cook- most days- and finding new recipes makes me happy :)

4. i can't remember my last haircut for some reason!

5. i am so excited about my movie date with cayley coming up in 2 weeks! got our tickets and ready to go see high school musical with my girl! i am really trying to make some special time with each child and tim too.

6. i get butterflies when my husband sends me a simple " i love you" email from work. ah, the little things in life!

7.i have soooo many boxes of pictures that it's scary. i really need to organize and scrapbook them!!!!!

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