Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Apple Story by Adam

when mom looked in the fridge:

as told by adam
"so my mom made breakfast for me and my brother and sister this morning- like she does every morning. i'm a constant snacker, so i graze along through breakfast and move into post breakfast snack mode when "the others" are off to school. mom keeps the apples in the fridge where i can reach them- healthy snacks she calls them and so she doesn't mind so much if i pop into the fridge and grab one :) so i grabbed 2 after breakfast!

well, later that morning- not sure where mom was was at the time- probably moving clothes from the washer to the dryer- she's really good at that- i needed more snacks. back to my apple friends on the lower shelf in the fridge i went. i know we just had a big bag of these things....what happened? she just bought 10 yesterday! oh well....look chips...."

when mom looked in the living room

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Sarah Renee B. SMITH said...

love the story told by him... you are too funny sarah.. and doesn't having children make our life even funnier..