Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, Who Knew...

having cookies after school on fridays is pretty much a given around here :) tim bought me these fun fall cookie cutters, so i thought i'd give them a whirl. i made a ton of sugar cookies and i think i have a couple hidden away just for my coffee break today. they went fast! didn't even have time to decorate them- no one complained!

our leaves & acorns!

then, tim said the weirdest thing saturday evening. " can you make a funnel cake?" i was kinda shocked and cayley was so excited at the possibility of eating carnival food at home. away i went to find a recipe and a quick trip to walmart for powdered sugar. (where i ran into buffy! sorry buffy, i was a mess and had been cleaning all day, lol- isn't that how it goes, when you run into someone ya know at the store, lol)

this was a little messy, but so very worth it!!!
well, who knew i could make this!?
i guess tim never doubted :)

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Sarah B. SMITH said...

sarraaii.. you could do anything you put your mind to for sure.. love the cookies!