Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 (really) random things about me- as posted on Facebook.

1. I was engaged, married, and a new mom before I turned 22 years.
2. I am amazed with the different kinds of friends I have- old & new! But I love saying that I have such best friends that I am regular contact with since I was 14...and one since elementary!3. Sounds really cheesy, but I have fallen in love with Tim so many times over the last 12 years. aww, it's true! Nothing sweeter than a man with his kids :)

4. It's really sad that all things Twilight come out in weekly conversations!!! Thanks Laura- I have never been this involved in a book series-- borderline to therapy needed. lol
5. I was so super judgemental for a long I try and see different points of view...without losing my own. Lessons learned with age I guess.
6. There are so many things I miss about SA, but I can't see me living there again right now. I'm pretty happy where we are at.
7. Tim and I work in lines from various movies into daily little inside jokes all the time.
8. When my dad was in the hospital in the hospital almost 6 yrs ago, I learned how to give everything over to God and move out of the way so His work could be done. It works!
9. I need a real vacation! and I'm counting on it this March...plans in the works :)
10. Love anything Star Wars...crazy, but I wanted to be a Jedi so dang bad!
11. I really thought for the longest time that Sandra Bullock and I could be BFF! No really, I did (and probably secretly still do)
12. I get a lot of cleaning done when I'm on the phone with Sarah Smith.....don't you girl?
13. Love to cook and create new recipes---although they aren't all winners.
14. As soon as I sit down....somebody needs something.
15. Or as soon as I sit down, I have someone in my lap :)
16. It took a while to realize that no one's life turns out exactly as they planned. Just gotta roll with it- good and bad...all lessons learned.
17. Before hurricane Ike in September, I hadn't read a book for fun since I don't know when. Now I have read 8! Trying to be a good example to Cayley. Who btw is an awesome reader!!!
18. The book "Love and Respect" changed my outlook on marriage.
19. I love photography, but the business of it was not for me.
20. Music is such a motivator with me! It can get me up and cleaning, cry, smile, remember things....
21. My blogging is both theraputic for me and sentimental. I love that my kids can look at those entries when they are older and know what I was thinking and what was going on. I would love to know what my parents were thinking weekly when I was little.
22. I love my on line friends!!!!
23. I'm in a mommy group in our town. And even though I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, I love knowing that they are there ((big hugs)) to cpg!
24. The clean laundry is my arch nemesis! it used to be the dishes, but the laundry has been a secret evil in my home for some time now. I just can't seem to get it all put away---because then there's MORE!
25. I am very strict at bedtimes....the kids are asleep by 8pm just about everynight....and I know why my mom did that with us too, lol! otherwise, i'd have some cranky kids in the morning and I'd never get a minutes quiet....thanks mom!

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Denise said...

(referring to your #1) We were so young when we started our families! I was pregnant at 18 and had my baby girl by 19 and was married and had my 2nd baby girl by 20...I was a mother and wife before I could even have a glass of wine! Im thankful that I started so young cause we are young mommies!!