Monday, December 8, 2008

December is making my head spin!

i know there are tons of moms with tons more things to do....but gosh- it seems like each day there is something important to do, rememeber to do (or at least remember not to forget!). with 2 in school- there is always a project or activity- all good things! i just pray that i keep up and organized. christmas shopping this year has been relatively easy...can't go into details...but it's going well. trav came home with a family project to decorate this ornament for his class tree. so "lett" in cherrios and trix and sweet tarts to color it up a little. he liked doing this! and they all snacked as we glued!

i have to get cookies made soon! we did a small batch of chocolate chip this weekend- they have mostly been gobbled up with hot chocolate while we watched christmas movies on saturday night! so more have to be made :) and i have to have my "abuelita" hot chocolate!
i have made list of things i have to do and need to pack for florida, and hope to cross some things off this week. oh! tim's birthday is one week away!!!! i need to make a special birthday dessert for him...i'll start searching the web today. hummmmm, maybe a black forest cake? i don't know! tim's bday kicks off the birtday season around here! there's him, baby jesus ;) adam, then trav (oh and stella!!!) & ben in feb, one dad in march, cayley, pat,& linda in april- then i think a break till june. and that's just of the top of my head. i know there's more.
today: finish my grocery list, a couple loads of weekend laundry, work on my coupon binder, and think about starting on the kids rooms- not sure why they have to take everything out of every where?! but they do......throwing on the "twilight" soundtrack- good music for cleaning!
for real :)

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