Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I learned from tv this week

What an emotion roller coaster week it's been. So right to the point- does anyone else in the world watch "the baby borrowers"? i was so skeptical of this show when it first started, but it was more than just entertaining, it was teaching life's lessons to these teen couples in fast forward. sure it was fun to see then freak out when changing diapers and chasing toddlers, but last night when they lived with an elderly person- it was so moving! they embraced the life experiences that these people shared with them and seemed to really enjoy their company- even when having to help them shower, take meds, etc.. i cried at the end though- none of the teen couples were together anymore when they did the update! but i'm sure they came away with lessons that will follow them for life.

randy pausch:
when i first saw his interviews months ago- i was so that he's passed- i just feel for his wife and kids. how do you prepare yourself for this...let alone your spouse? yes- we are all going to die at some point, but to know that your time will be much shorter than you ever expected and in the midst of your children's magical childhoods. randy speaks of not letting things wait- if there's something in life you want to do-- don't wait around! be the person you want to be right now!
makes me wonder what kind of legacy i will leave when i am gone. what will my babies remember? what will be really important to them? did i spend too much time on the things that didn't matter?
these pics at the top are what keep me going- being with my family- showing how much they mean to me- and sharing little moments- that's what counts to me.

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Sarah Renee said...

are you trying to make me cry as well.. I watched both shows as well and saw the last lecture.. I just wasn't sure if he was a believer so I was left wondering.. love your pictures and love you